Starting out

How do we get started in something we never intended & how does it affect our future?

For me I never really intended to pick up a camera other than to take snaps but while walking along the beach at Mon Repos I came across a turtle walking up the beach to nest, I had an old Iphone to take photos & it just wasn't doing the scene justice, I was frustrated, the most emotional experience of my trip was being lost. I would be travelling for months & thought of all the missed opportunities for nice photos, so on a very wet day in Brisbane I brought a camera & straight away I was taking photos I never thought I could take.

You could ask how has this changed me, I got hooked like most hobbyists & taught myself as much as possible, its a headache to start with so much to learn, but with each new photo session I realised I can do this, i enjoy it, it makes me smile & gives me a buzz (when i get it right). But its more than that you start to notice the beauty around you, light hitting the frost on a chilly morning, colours at sunrise & sunset & I now love getting up in the early hours with my kit, hiking up a few hills & capturing the beauty of it all. Photography has healed me in so many ways, long may it continue.

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